Friday, September 26, 2014

Remnants Collected (part 4 of 4)

There are some remaining notes, spoken within our fellowship.

“As a teacher I'm growing but not in my personal life.”  What a brave, inspiring statement.  How often do we dichotomize and prioritize what is “real”?  Some of us make our professional lives “real” and invest our resources.  Some lead dynamic personal lives and shut it down to submit to labor at work.  It’s an existential and often painful move to name the dissonance and be open for alternate, possibly harmonizing ways of being.  This line of inquiry is a passion of mine.

Along this line, a fellow considered our name…Soulcraft Cohort, and found it suitable for our endeavor. “This is doing something for our souls personally and professionally.”

Finally,I walked away from our time together, feeling and remembering these words.  “We aren't alone... Look at who else is here...”

And this…

“Faith in other humans makes us more human

Food for my soul.

Thoughts for another day…

I’m hoping to talk in greater depth about the Maker’s School idea with those involved.  I’d like to explore project-based learning through ed history and theory.  This has possibilities for inquiry into and critique regarding various “traditions” of progressive education.  Excited…!